The Journey Begins

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So, here goes nothing: I've released most of the original music material I've written up until 2008. All this stuff just hanging there has been a terrible itch to scratch over the last ten years, and being the perfectionist that I am, it's been holding me back from carrying on with new stuff, as I've always felt the need to rework what I've already had, over and over and over again, oftentimes to no avail whatsoever.

It's high time to let go, start fresh, and just deal with the fact that some of these tunes might never amount to more that what they are right now, and that it's perfectly fine if they don't. Having this out there is my way of doing that; it makes it sort of final. Final, in a way that just putting them on Soundcloud wouldn't do.

All this being a reality is of course utterly scary, but also wonderfully exhilarating - like taking a deep deep breath after being stuck under water. And even though the air above might stink a bit, it's still air and it's still refreshing.

I've thought long and hard about how I wanted to go around doing this. At some point, I've thought about reworking everything I had into one huge, integral concept album, but then quickly realized that it would pretty much defeat the purpose. Later on, I've spent copious amounts of time trying to find the "perfect" order to put them in.
In the end, I've only done some light remastering, keeping strictly in line with what I've already had recorded, and kept the original order of the songs as they were conceived.
Some of these date as far back as 1994, some minor parts are quite recent, most of it is just as it's been back in 2008.

Here's for the beginning of a new journey.